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Meet Jenifer

Jenifer Thyssen sings soulfully, gently, powerfully, divinely - music which transports and heals, reconnects us and ties us to our past and our future through the musical expressions of human experience written by composers from the 1100's to today.  Honored in her hometown of Austin as Best Classical Singer (by the Austin Critic’s Table Awards) in 2018, 2003, and nominated again for the award in 2007, 2008, and 2012, “Thyssen’s beautiful vocal storytelling” is an Austin staple.  In 2001, Jenifer was given the honor to perform the Texas premiere of Handel’s “Gloria” which was at that time being premiered all over the world.  Jenifer’s work as a founding member of Texas Early Music Project (TEMP) and with other early music ensembles and directors throughout Texas, has been the mainstay of her professional career while raising 7 beautiful children with her husband Andy.  Jenifer appears on TEMP’s first studio recording, “The Bonny Broom and Other Scottish Ballads”, almost all of TEMP’s performance recordings, various performance recordings by La Follia Austin Baroque and is featured on Linda Day’s CD “Love Your Enemies”.  But her children’s favorite recording is her own album, “Dusk is Drawn” – folk lullabies from around the world, featuring lullabies in 7 languages and a track sung in French by her son Ethan when he was an 8 year old boy soprano!  You may hear some of her Boston Early Music Festival concert recordings right above in the music player!  Enjoy!

Sweet Dreams

Dusk is Drawn

Folk Lullabies from Around the World

A break from weary, long days, Mama!  A way for you and baby to snuggle in together and connect and unwind on the way to dreamland.  I teamed up with Darrel Mayers (guitar and percussion) on this album and together our vision was to create an album that honors children, with real instruments, inspiring the good and beautiful for their hearts to hear and be nurtured by.  Sweet dreams!  

Upcoming Performances

Come out and experience Jenifer live in concert!

Ah, Sweet Lady: Passion in Medieval France

First Presbyterian Church, 8001 Mesa Drive, Asustin, TX 78731

The music from the 12th–14th centuries in France takes us back to days of yore with knights, monks, and poets. Songs of unrequited love and daily challenges are a natural reflection of the society at that time. Special Guests include Peter Maund (percussion), singer and piper Peter Walker (New York).

She Sounds Like...

Effortless heart stopping beauty.”

— Jonathan

Celestial, pure, grace...it’s the kind of voice that has you so transfixed that you forget to come in on your part.❤️”

— Jennifer

Artistry and a genuine desire to deliver the utmost of the poetical text-and the composer’s meaning especially”

— Jeffrey

Gorgeous voice! Sounds like water drops in a crystal cave.”

— Jill

Your voice is so beautiful and angelic. It always gives me chills whenever I hear you sing.”

— Deborah

A blue and silver silk tapestry, your voice weaves the notes into a thing of beauty.”

— Cathy

Your rendition of “Rejoice Greatly” a few years ago during Handel’s Messiah sent shivers down my back and brought tears to my eyes. It made me feel as though we had a tiny glimpse of what our future singing in heaven would be like!”

— Elisabeth

This is so amazing. So beautiful. You bring out the nature, the mountains, waterfalls over steap cliffs. A lark singing it's joy of life and a deep blue sky. Spiderwebs sparkling in morning sun. Beautiful green forests and ponies running wild on the moor.”

— Sussie

Pure, fresh, lovely, sensitive and full of grace and vitality.”

— Philip